Since 2012 we have created beautiful, custom, personalized baby items for thousands of lucky mamas and mamas-to-be.


Funky monkey children Mission



I know that shopping for baby gifts is pretty easy in this internet age - however, what isn't easy to find is a company that strives for only high quality, super durable, totally customizable gifts and still provides amazing customer service.

You won't find super cheap knock offs here - every single item that I carry has been sampled and tested by my three tornado children to make sure it will hold up to LOTS of use.

You also won't ever wait weeks for a response to an email or request. If I can't do something, I'll let you know so you can look for someone else. Transparency and helpfulness are what I'm always striving for, and you can count on a quick response to any issues.

I always aim to have you feeling like your order is super unique and special *because it is!* 

You, my wonderful customers, have made this business possible, and it has been a dream come true for me. I never, ever want to forget how thankful I am to be able to create these adorable items and bring smiles to faces all over the country and the world!


Backstory - how Funky Monkey Children started

I started Funky Monkey Children in 2012 when my first baby was a year old and I was 6 months pregnant with my second baby.

My husband was in the US Army, and was gearing up for a deployment, so I was looking for a hobby to keep my brain occupied and my hands busy while he was gone. I had found that finding adorable and cutesy boy items wasn't that easy, and so I started the company focusing mainly on boy burp cloths and bibs.

Since then, I've added baby blankets, bloomers, gowns, outfits, holiday items, monogrammed gift (non baby!), and more to the shop. This business has been such an amazing blessing to our family, and has definitely kept my brain and hands busy! 

In 2017 I expanded my business ventures when I started Creative Mom Boss, focusing on helping other Etsy sellers to grow their shops and build the business of their dreams!

If you ever need me, you can email me or find me on my favorite places to hang out on the internet - Instagram and Facebook